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The Ceramics Museum of Andenne

The Ceramic Museum’s purpose is to promote the Andenne ceramics, from its origins to our time, particularly through its research, acquisition, study, publications, and presentation, conferences, and exhibitions at the Museum. This promotion can only be achieved by placing these ceramics in their historical environment. By doing so, the cultural, folkloric and historical heritage of Andenne finds its place at the Museum.



In the heart of Andenne

There is a reason behind the existence of a museum dedicated to ceramics in Andenne. Indeed, for a long time the ceramics work and crafts set the pace of the people of Andenne’s life.

The Museum was created in 1933 by the initiative of the Association for Archaeology and Folklore in Andenne, whose purpose was to gather all of the documents containing information about the history of Andenne. The collections grew over the years. The Museum was set up in 1960 at the ground floor of a XIX century large house. The non-for-profit association Musée de la céramique d’Andenne was then created in 1998, and it was recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in 2009.

Through time, styles and techniques, the Museum allows visitors to discover the history of the City of Andenne and that of the ceramics of the region of Andenne by highlighting the particular features of its local clay, the derle: from those of the XII century with the Medieval terracotta to those of the XX century with its industrial ceramics and sandstone figures, particularly by Arthur Craco. Moreover, the exhibition rooms dedicated to the XVIII and XIX centuries include a vast collection of clay pipes and pieces of fine earthenware and china that made the City successful and reputable.

The Museum is a unique one because it shows in one single place objects that date from the founding of the City in the VII century to the present day. All of them are related to the territory of Andenne, to its socioeconomic history, to its industries, to its crafts, and many other aspects.

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